Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This whole pregnancy thing

I really thought that I would do weekly preggo posts, but then I never started.  Well today, there is a blizzard outside and I just got a new computer, so I needed a reason to play on it rather than clean the house.  So, here is a preggo post, full of lots of awkward pictures.  Hope you enjoy!  

I accidentally posted the pictures in the wrong order.  Oh well.....  

23 weeks- January 17, 2014
22 weeks- January 2014

18 weeks- December 12, 2013

15 weeks- November 23, 2013--shopping and wondering where that bump came from! 

23 weeks Along!.... crazy to think that I am over halfway there.

Size of the baby: According to "the bump", baby is the size of a grapefruit.  And it can hear noises… which prompts me to encourage Wyatt to bark at my stomach frequently.  And then I tell baby, “ you WILL sleep through that.”  

Gender:  The past month I have been convinced it is a girl.  Although, at times I think boy.  Stephen has said from day one it was a girl.  He claims that our sonogram confirmed that because we had to “look away for a while-- like they were searching.”

Movement:  Last week, I thought I had the most hyperactive baby ever.  But the movement has slowed down a little.... I still feel lots of movment.   I felt the baby move for the first time on the plane coming back from our thanksgiving trip.  It felt like the pillsbury dough boy was poking me.  Sometimes, I think the baby is doing the worm in there.  And it dances every time I put food in my mouth.
Sleep:  I feel very blessed to sleep so well.  I usually wake up once to go to the bathroom then fall right back asleep.

Cravings:  Since this is a “catch up” of pregnancy so far, I will list lots of things.  In the beginning, I just wanted bread, bread and more bread.  I craved Chick-fil-a sweet tea a lot.  And since I TRY to not drink caffeine, that was a hard one. My first real craving was the first week in December.  I HAD to HAVE some peppermint Joe-Joe’s. We had 2 snow days and Stephen was gone so I was too scared (lazy) to drive to Trader Joes to get them.  When I finally made it there, I might have bought 8 boxes.  Don’t worry 2 men commented on how many boxes I had in my cart.  One said, “I hope those are for gifts.”   These days, all I really want to eat is chocolate.  I am not particular on the kind.

Symptoms: I feel good.  I got a lot of rest over Christmas and I have felt so much better since then.  I do have frequent heartburn.

Best moment of the week:  The weather yesterday was incredible.  It was “warm”  and actually sunny.  Stephen, Wyatt and I went to Alexandria for the day.  We took a really long walk around town and up the Potomac.  Then we met up with Baylor friends we have not seen in a while.  It was an awesome afternoon, and felt so good to get to be outside and enjoy the sunshine.  I think Wyatt was pretty happy to be there too.
Alexandria-- if you look over Wyatt you can see the Washington monument.  Over Stephen's right shoulder is the capital, but I am not sure you can see it in the picture.  This was us yesterday....

And this is us today, after about 2 hours of snow.  It has not stopped all day!

One more... this was about 15 weeks

Have a very happy week :)