Monday, May 27, 2013

"too much stuff"

My family and I have this joke. We often exclaim, "too much food" in an annoying high pitched voice. We might or might not be making fun of someone. My incredible mamma spent the past two and a half weeks packing my house. (more on this later.) I never expected to pack so much so quickly. She left me with the bare essentials. It has astonished me what we have been able to do with so little. Our culture is so accustomed to needing every little thing, that sometimes we forget to be creative. I learned so much from my boss at the flower shop, Kim. We teased her that her degree was in "Macgyver" because she could come up with a solution for any problem. I think Kim would be proud of mom and I's "macgyver-ness" the last few weeks. Here are a few examples. 

 Went to the bear trail and forgot Wyatt's leash. We happened to have a long chain in the back of the car that needed to go back to Ace. Mom thought of taking the straps of Wyatt's car seat cover, attaching them to the chain, and we were off walking. 

 Made banana bread tonight. Normally, I would need a measuring cup for the wet ingredients, one for the dry ingredients, one for teaspoon, a bowl to mash..... (blah, blah, blah). This time I used one bowl, one measuring cup and one teaspoon. Oh, and a wooden spoon. The batter tasted just right and cleaning up was so much simpler. 

 Mom is definitely a Macgyver in the kitchen. That lady can make gourmet out of nothing. Many nights, we thought we had "nothing in the houseto eat" and ended up with a delicious dinner. One night, we had incredible basil asparagus pasta with parmesan. We had delicious scalloped potatoes and braised chicken thighs. She even left we with the most amazing turkey soup to have this week. We were out of noodles, so it has peal couscous instead. I like it so much, I will make it that way again! 

Sure, I miss some of the stuff in those 150 boxes. But I also wonder if I have been too set on stuff. When in reality it is "too much stuff, too much stuff." In my new house, I want to live simpler. Uh oh. I feel Garage Sale round 2 coming!


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