Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kitchen.... before and after

Our first interior kitchen project was the kitchen.  I an very happy with how everything turned out.  Here is what we did

1. Scrapped off the wallpaper.  Thanks to Noah, Mom, Nannie and Stephen.  After that day, I decided that people who remove wallpaper for a living must have the highest suicide rate. 
2. Tore down part of the wall into the Dining Room so that we could open the freezer (thanks to Don Cheeny)
3. Took out the cabinets on the sink wall and removed the huge island. 
4. Sanded and painted all the cabinets
5. Painted the walls.... thanks to Stephen, we actually painted it twice because I HATED the first shade of white.  
6.  Put up open shelving (thanks to the Secrist family.... :)

All the before pictures were taken by Stephen when he was trying to convince me to buy the house.  Good thing I had a vision :)  

Note the beautiful wallpaper (I will admit, I liked the pineapples)

I don't know what we would have done without Don Cheeny.  Not only did he make it so our fridge we brought from Texas would open, but he also removed all the broken radios. 

And here is the after.....

The light fixture in the picture below is one of my favorite finds.  Mom and I found it at the Habitat Restore for $5.  I bought a can of spray paint and changed it from brass to black. 
 I love the wide opening into the dining room and all the room now that the island is gone. 

*We are still looking for new knobs.  I want a black cast iron look, and I just cannot find them (at Home Depot). 

The cabinets are Coastal Fog by Benjamin Moore.  I did not like the color on the swatch, but then I saw it a friend's house in Florida and I knew it was the perfect color.  After buying 12 samples of gray, I went cold turkey on this color.  It is the absolute perfect shade. 

White walls are Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.  The first try was Acadia White, but in our old house, it just looked dingy.   The trim is cloud white by Benjamin Moore. 

I bought the hardware for the opening shelving at Ikea.  Lori and Brad cut the shelves for me.  

I must admit, I am happy with the transformation. 

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