Saturday, October 5, 2013

What's with the name?

In Atlanta, you will often hear people say, "take a right at the big chicken"  or "if you make it to the big chicken, you went too far."  

Yes, the eyes and beak move

Everyone in the Atlanta area knows and loves the big chicken.  In high school, Louise and I used to go up there for dinner a lot (followed by a dozen krispie kreme doughnuts).  Last Christmas, Dad gave me a framed collection of Atlanta landmarks.  

Fox Theatre, The Varsity, OK Cafe, Big Chicken
Stephen was so confused by the big chicken picture.  Apparently, I had not done my job in educating him into Atlanta ways.  We had no choice but to drive him up there. Once he knew the big chicken, he started hearing about it everywhere.  He found it hilarious to randomly state our location in respect to the Big Chicken (like any true Atlantan would do). When it came time to pick a name for this blog, Stephen wanted "just north of south"  but I refused to admit that we were moving out of the south.** Somewhere, "Just North of The Big Chicken" came up and it just felt right.  

mmmm.  now I want some fried chicken and biscuits.  I won't like, I do love me some KFC.  

** Now that we are here, I will admit that I have moved out of the south.   

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